Coffee Table – Considering Your Options

A square coffee table is a square shaped low table designed to support beverages, magazines, books and other small items used while sitting. It is usually placed before a sofa or couch. Coffee tables are among the most common furniture you’ll find in living rooms and sitting rooms. They vary in different prices, styles and shapes. Some coffee tables also have cabinets or drawers for storage.

balanced coffee table

The most popular raw materials used for making coffee tables are wood and metal. Stainless steel and aluminum serve as very good sources for metal coffee tables. The production of coffee tables in the 20th and 21st centuries has also been influenced by advances in industrial technology that have made it possible for materials such as glass to be used for making coffee table tops. Coffee tables are of different types with different features but there are three types that will be discussed in this article.

Large square ottoman coffee table

The first coffee tables that were designed in the 18th century were far from being low. In fact, tables at that time were as high as 27 inches but with the innovation from the ottoman empire towards the end of the 19th century, a new kind of coffee table was introduced which was known as the Ottoman coffee table. The exceptional feature of the ottoman coffee table was the decrease in height from the conventional coffee tables as they were designed to be as low as tables used in tea gardens. This type of coffee table is known for two main features, namely:

  • Large width
  • Lowness in height


These kinds of tables usually have their widths between 22 inches and 36 inches on both sides. Large coffee tables always create a stunning focal point in any room and can look very elegant with a range of cool design features to enhance its appearance. Examples of features that can make coffee tables look outstanding are:

  • Plain or buttoned design
  • Modern or traditional legs
  • Colorful and eye-catching choice of fabrics
  • Leathers to suit your home and tally with your sofa.


Extra Large Square Coffee Table

This is another type of square coffee table which is most likely the largest square coffee table available in the market. Extra large square coffee tables have widths that fall between 38 inches and 50 inches. Due to its large size, it can also serve other purposes aside from its main purpose as a coffee table:

  • It can serve as a footrest for you to stretch your legs on its perimeter while you are sitting on the sofa
  • It can serve as extra seating when your neighbors visit
  • It can serve as a bedroom bench

 A nice tray on it gives it the perfect look of a coffee table. Upholstery and furniture experts will always advice that the colors of the coffee table should tally with that of the sofa in your living or sitting room to give the room the best appearance possible.

mahogany large square coffee table

Large Square Coffee Tables with Drawers

Some people go for a coffee table because of its shape, size or appearance while others purchase it because it provides extra space for them to store, hide or display other items. A coffee table can either come with an open shelf, a cabinet or a drawer which can be closed or even locked.

A large square coffee table with drawers will provide you with a considerable amount of extra storage. Examples of such items are:

  • Books
  • Remote controls
  • Kid’s toys


More tips

Locks are also available for the drawers on request. So if you think there are some items you should prevent the kids from having access to, then you should go for a coffee table with locks.

There is also a difference between coffee tables with drawers that have legs and tables without legs. Large coffee tables with drawers but without legs will give you extra storage space than what you get from coffee tables with legs. On the other hand, a coffee table with legs can also give a more stylish look and more floor space to the give the room a more spacious feel, making its appearance more stunning and attractive.